KXEN raises $10 million from Motorola & Xange

KXEN, a leading supplier of predictive and descriptive analytic software solutions, today announced a series C funding, led by XAnge Capital and Motorola.

With KXEN, customers can elevate their strategic business decision making to another level by building reliable predictive models in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months.

KXEN’s existing investors, Innovacom, Sofinnova Partners and Sofinnova Ventures, also participated in the round, with Roger Haddad, KXEN’s co-founder and CEO.

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raises €10 million led by

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KXEN provides next generation business analytics software to drive better corporate decisions. KXEN’s unmatched speed, ease of use and scalability enable leading companies around the world to expand the use of predictive analytics and enhance corporate performance. Based on breakthrough mathematical theory, KXEN’s products offer reliable predictions and deep insight for achieving critical business goals. READ FULL PR

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