Kobojo completes a $7.5m funding round

Kobojo, the premier software editor in France and one of the leaders in Europe in the social gaming universe on Facebook and mobiles, completes a $7.5m (€5.3m) fund-raising to support the development of the company in France and internationally.

The funds have been raised in this first round from Endeavour Vision, as a lead investor, and IDinvest Partners.


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raises €5.3 million led by

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Press release (extract)

Kobojo already has a number of successful bestsellers under its belt. Their first game “Petite Questions entre Amis” [A few questions among friends] was a roaring success, gaining 8 million users in just two months. The team launched Goobox in July 2009, which gained 3 million users in just one month. From then on, Kobojo was a force to be reckoned with in the social gaming market, thanks to its technical expertise and its users, who have overwhelmingly acclaimed the Kobojo universe and their games. READ FULL PR

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