Laurent Grimaldi Portrait

Laurent Grimaldi

Senior Advisor Telecommunications

Laurent Grimaldi joined Clipperton in 2021 as Senior Advisor in the Telecommunications sector. Having over 30 years of experience as founder and CEO for various telecoms operators and venture capital funds, he thus brings with him an extensive know-how in the technology and financing sector. 

He founded Nets in 1999, which became Tiscali International Network in 2000 after the acquisition by Tiscali. Tiscali International Network has become one of the European leaders in IP Transit and DWDM services. In 2013, Laurent founded Konnect Africa, a company dedicated to delivering broadband access to Africa through state-of-the-art satellite technology. He is currently digital partner and investor at Capital Croissance and member of the investment committee at Breega and Qualium Investissement

In addition, Laurent Grimaldi speaks four languages fluently, including Spanish and Italian. He graduated from Télécom ParisTech and further holds a master’s degree in Mechanics and Mathematics. 



Focus sectors:

New Hardware & Telecom


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