Jacques Lewiner


Jacques Lewiner is a Physicist and Inventor.

He has carried out basic and applied research. In 1973 he was nominated Professor in charge of the Electromagnetism Chair at ESPCI Paris where Georges Charpak arrived in 1980. In 1987 Pierre-Gilles de Gennes asked him to become Scientific Director of ESPCI Paris, a position he kept until 2001.

He has published more than 80 scientific papers in International Journals and has presented at numerous international conferences.

Jacques Lewiner has developed many practical applications. He has filed over 180 patent applications leading to some 1000 patents. A significant number of these patents have been licensed, sold or used to create startup companies with in some case, a spectacular growth.

Jacques Lewiner is active in building bridges between research and industry.

Conscious of the importance of making science accessible to the general public, he founded with Pierre-Gilles de Gennes l’Espace des Sciences de Paris (renamed Espace Pierre-Gilles de Gennes) where conferences for non-specialized audiences are organized as well as short internship for children. It has become one of the pillars of the “La Main à la Pâte”, a new approch to teaching science to children, initiated in France by Georges Charpak.

Nominations :
– Laureate of the French Academy of Sciences in 1990
– Knight in the National Order of the “Légion d’Honneur” in 2002
– Member of the French Academy of Technology since 2005
– Doctor Honoris Causa of the Ben Gurion University in 2015